What Is The Difference Between Hedge Fund And Mutual Fund?

Hedge funds and Mutual funds are popular investment vehicles in which people commit their money to a person. This person then invests the money in various sorts of securities traded publicly. Mutual Funds are government registered investments which give the investors a chance to invest in a wide array of technically controlled securities at low cost.

On the counter-side, hedge funds are unregistered private investments. It employs different types of trade techniques to invest money in securities with different sorts of risks.

What Is The Difference Between Hedge Fund And Mutual Fund?

Hedge Fund by definition

It is a private portfolio of investments in which investors use highly-sophisticated investment and risk management techniques in order to produce good returns. The investment can only be done by authorized or registered investors who commit their money to fund managers. They then invest this money in different appropriate sectors. The fund managers earn their payment by charging a fee consisting of part of profits earned on each investment.

Hedge fund

These funds mostly serve as an investment partnership for high-end business profile holders who can make a large amount investment. This means that the lowest amount relevant for investment is also comparatively high. Due to the lack of strict regulation and a high-risk factor associated with the hedge fund, fund managers have to make quick and strategic decisions such as short selling, investments in securities with intense rebates, trading opinions and expectation of a certain business related event.

Mutual Fund by definition

As mentioned earlier, a mutual fund is a government managed investment vehicle. In this, a significant number of investors invest their money in a common goal. The fund manager collects money from all the investors and invests it in different capital market like stocks, bonds and other tradable goods.

Mutual funds

The fund manager accepts a fee for handling of the funds which is based on the total value of each fund’s assets. The investors hold an ownership interest in the assets of the mutual fund. The share of the ownership interest of each investor is dependent on the contribution made. The profits or losses incurred on the mutual fund are dependent on the market performance. After this, the capital appreciation and net income are divided among the contributors according to their share of investment.

Certain important field of difference between Hedge fund and Mutual fund.

A hedge fund is a portfolio investment for a specific registered investors only who are permitted to invest their money in order to buy assets. Mutual funds, on the other hand, refer to a government registered investment vehicle where a manager collects funds and invests them in the capital market.

The manner in which both funds seek returns is different too. The decision making in hedge funds is of aggressive nature and hence, absolute returns. The mutual fund, on the contrary, is market driven and the returns are relative to the investment.

The restriction on hedge funds is relaxed and slightly relaxed. The mutual funds are registered and strictly regulated by the government.

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Both the hedge fund and mutual fund have their fair share of profits and risks. For a person who is looking to invest a small amount, mutual funds are the best bet. And for someone who is running a successful business, investing in hedge fund in not a bad idea.

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