The Credit Pros Reviews 2017

Inc. Magazine ranked Credit Pros as one of America’s 5,000 fastest growing companies. The company offers services to assist clients with re-evaluating and mending their credit by removing negative and inaccurate items from the credit reports. Jason Kaplan, the company’s founder, is a trained credit-law expert who claims that he launched the company after dedicating years in developing and refining his approach. FICO certified professionals form the staff of The Credit Pros. Thus, only high-quality services is provided to all their clients. The company claims to be “the company that is fixing America’s credit.”

So, how does the company fare in the market? Here’s the Credit Pros Reviews.

The Credit Pros Reviews

The Credit Pros Reviews

Features and Services

As a credit repair agency, their main mission is to utilize their proficiency to challenge negative items in your credit report such that the credit bureaus have to delete them from your credit history.

Using its expertise, the company is able to pinpoint the items that can be successfully challenged. The credit bureaus will then contact the responsible creditors to verify all the relevant debt information. Many times creditors find it hard to confirm certain details of the debt being challenged and when this happens, the law states that such items must be removed.

Customer Service

The Credit Pros has an online portal for its clients to keep track of the firm’s progress in their case. It also provides financial counseling to its clients to make them understand the need for better financial decisions and practices.


The company asks interested people to first sign up in order to enjoy the services. The company charges at the beginning $149 from individual applicants and $249 for couples. As the case progresses, you are charged $50 per confirmed item deletion from the credit report. Following this, $75 is also charged for every confirmed public record deletion affecting your credit.

According to the company, all these payments make sure that one-on-one discussions with certified FICO staff members take place, round-the-clock access to the online client portal and availability to all the other services. Though the services offered are great and an actual game changer, the costly price to remove similar negative items from a person’s credit report seems to be a negative point in itself.

The Credit Pros

Speed of Service

It seems like “speed” is not the main agenda of The Credit Pros. On the official website, it claims that one can see the changes within first three months. The service is generally complete “within six to twelve months”. As compared to other credit repair companies, this is a long period of time. But for those people who are looking for a certain fix instead of a fast fix, this might not be a bad idea.


As mentioned above, the company’s main focus is not “speed”. The Credit Pros wants to make sure that it gives a certain result even though it might take a bit of time. The idea clicks with people who want a solution irrespective of time and can pay to keep the subscription going. Hence, a person needs to consider cost as well as the speed of service delivery before finalizing The Credit Pros.

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