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OneMain Financial is one of the most popular personal loan companies in town. The company provides loans up to $25,000, with interest rates ranging from 25% to 36%, based on your credit. However, there are no minimum credit scores to apply. Learn How To Improve Credit Score Immediately? The company deposits your money within a day once you get approved. A person can even talk to a company agent at their local branch office. One can also apply for personal loans through OneMain online. Check out the OneMain Financial reviews to know more.

onemain financial reviews

OneMain Financial Reviews

Working of OneMain Financial

You can begin the process by filling the application online or at their local branch. In case of you submit the form online,  the form will be sent to your nearest branch and a loan specialist will contact you. OneMain Financial fixed rates loans and funds are accessible the next day. It does not require any collateral or home-ownership.

Industry Pioneer

The company was first established in 1912 as Commercial Credit. OneMain Financial lauds itself as a pioneer in the finance sector. Within the four years of its founding, the “pioneer” started giving installment loans for automobiles. And that changed everything!

Average APRs

It offers fixed-rate APRs from 25% to 36%. The APR is good or bad depends on your credit. If you have a good credit score, maybe looking elsewhere is a good idea. If your score is below 650, OneMain is a better option than a payday lender.

Lack of any prepayment penalties

In case you wish to pay off your loan early, you can do that without paying any additional fees for the lost interest.

Course of loan period

As the terms of loan vary from time-to-time, you can’t choose the length of your loan repayment term.

Offices across the country

OneMain office

OneMain has branches in 44 states in the United States. The local office would look into your loan. However, there’s no compulsion to visit the office to get your loan.

Managing your finances

OneMain has a number of calculators for borrowers to learn and manage their loans. The company also offers free money management course covering basic credit budgeting and expense management. You can also invest your money for short-term to help your finances. Here are The 7 Best Short-Term Investment Plans For You!

Rewards Program

OneMain has a rewards program which gives its clients points for indulging in activities with the company. These activities can be interacting with the company on social media, making payments on time, or signing up for paperless statements. A person can redeem these points for gift cards or discounts on general items.

Is it really better than other lenders?

As mentioned above, OneMain Financial offers a loan up to $25,000 to anyone even with a bad credit score. If you are having trouble secure loan elsewhere, this is a good option. But you have a good credit score, doing a bit more research for better rates will prove beneficial.

However, if you are looking for a student loan instead of a personal loan, you should check out Student Loan Guide: Know Different Types Of Student Loans.

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