Know Your Northern TC Bank Routing Number

Northern TC Bank Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

What’s The Northern TC Bank Routing Number?

A customer of Northern TC Bank requires a Northern TC Bank Routing Number to make any monetary transaction, be it offline or online. People and banks use routing numbers to identify the financial institution behind the transaction. The primary function of a routing number was to help in sorting, bundling and shipping paper checks. But the functionalities were widened to incorporate the new transaction methods (like ACH and wire). This article discusses how to find out the Northern TC Bank routing number or what is the routing number for Northern TC Bank?

Northern TC Bank Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

The table given below shows all Northern TC Bank Routing Numbers.

Northern TC Bank ABA Routing Transit Numbers (RTN)

Here is the state wise list of Northern TC Bank Routing Number for Checking Account and Savings Account.
S No.Region/StatePostal AbbreviationRouting Number

What is an ABA Routing Number?

Your ABA Routing Number has nine-digits. It is found at the bottom left corner of your check. A banker can use a routing number to identify the financial institution behind a transaction. All transactions done through ACH and wire use the routing number system. The Federal Reserve Bank depends on ABA routing number system to process the Fedwire fund transfers. The Automated Clearing House also uses routing number system to process bill payments, direct deposits and other transfers.

The ABA routing number, as we know, came into being in 1910.  The American Bankers Association was behind its designing and implementation. The Association then tied up with several registrars over the years to manage this system. Currently, Accuity manages the routing number system and assigns them to financial institutions.

ABA Routing Transit Number (RTN) RoutingNumberUSA

There are currently 26,895 active routing numbers in use. According to the Routing Number Policy, a financial institution can have only 5 routing numbers. But as there are a number of mergers taking place between different banks, a financial institution can have more than 5 routing numbers. Routing Numbers may differ depending on where you opened your account. It also depends on the type of transaction you make.

What’s the Northern TC Bank SWIFT Code?

When making an international wire transfer you need a bank routing identifier called a SWIFT  (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) Code. All financial institutions uses SWIFT Codes to make international transactions and send other important messages between them.

The SWIFT Code for Northern TC is: CNORUS44

What is a SWIFT Code?

Like Routing Numbers, people use the unique Swift Codes to identify the financial institution. Banks use Swift Codes mainly for international transactions. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) designed the Swift Code system. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) later approved the system. At the beginning, everyone knew the system as Swift Code, but it was standardized as BIC or Business Identifier Codes. Both the terms are in use today and they mean exactly the same. Sometimes people refer to the code system as Business Entity Identifier or BEI also.

Usually, web banking applications require swift codes for money transfers between two different banks. These banking apps not only ask people to provide the beneficiary’s bank account number, but to also provide the correct swift code of the beneficiary’s bank branch.

Things To Know About The Northern TC Bank

Byron Laflin Smith founded Northern Trust in 1889 in a one-room office in the Rookery building in The Loop, Chicago. Byron’s focus was to provide trust and banking services to the city’s prosperous citizens. Northern Trust is ranked #501 on the Fortune 1000. It is also on the list of largest banks in the United States along with JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and others. However, you need to have Chase Bank Routing Number and Goldman Sachs Bank Routing Number for various monetary transactions for Chase Bank and Goldman Sachs Bank respectively.

Northern TC Bank ABA Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

The Second World War and the years that followed proved to be extremely profitable for Northern TC. During the war, the bank took part in the government’s war bond drives, and offered loans for manufacturing war materials under special government programs. The war helped the bank expand its business and by 1945 the Northern trust had doubled in size.

Post war saw further growth of the bank as it continued to expand its services. Between the early ’70s and late ’80s, Northern Trust acquired companies and expanded into Florida, Arizona, California and Texas. 

The bank offers services in the following fields:

  • Corporate and Institutional Services (C&IS)
  • Wealth Management
  • Northern Trust Asset Management

Northern Trust Corporation is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Its address is: