Know Your Morgan Stanley Routing Number

Morgan Stanley Bank Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

What’s The Morgan Stanley Routing Number?

Each customer of Morgan Stanley needs a Morgan Stanley Routing Number to make any monetary transaction. Banks use routing numbers to recognize the financial institution behind a transaction. The routing number system’s main purpose was to help in sorting, bundling and shipping paper checks. But its application areas are wider now to incorporate new transaction methods. Here, in this article, we will also discuss how to find the Morgan Stanley Bank Routing Number or what is the routing number for Morgan Stanley Bank? 

Morgan Stanley Bank Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

The table given below shows all the Morgan Stanley Bank Routing Numbers.

Morgan Stanley Bank ABA Routing Transit Numbers (RTN)

Here is the state wise list of Morgan Stanley Bank Routing Number for Checking Account and Savings Account.
S No.Region/StatePostal AbbreviationRouting Number
7New YorkNY021272778
9Washington D.C.021272778

What is an ABA Routing Number?

An ABA Routing Number appears at the bottom of a negotiable instrument of a financial institution like checks. This number system serves the purpose of identifying the financial institution behind a transaction. Furthermore, this number system is widely used for ACH and wire transactions. Routing Numbers may differ depending on the region where a person has opened his account. This means one needs to be careful and use the right routing number during a transaction.

ABA Routing Transit Number (RTN) RoutingNumberUSA

A particular ABA Routing Number is made up of 9-digits. In 1910, the American Bankers Association designed the routing number system and it has been in use since then. The Association partners with different registrars (presently Accuity) to manage the RTN system. There are currently 26,895 active routing numbers in use. The American Bankers Association allows each bank to have a maximum of 5 routing numbers. But due to a number of mergers, several banks have more than 5 routing numbers.

What’s The Morgan Stanley SWIFT Code?

When making an international wire transfer you need a bank routing identifier called a SWIFT  (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) Code. All financial institutions uses SWIFT Codes to make international transactions and send other important messages between them.

The SWIFT Code for Morgan Stanley is-  MSNYUS33

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT Codes and Routing Numbers are quite similar and function in almost a similar fashion. They serve the same purpose of identifying the financial institution behind a transaction. However, Financial Institutions use SWIFT Codes for international transactions only. People also call SWIFT Codes as Business Identifier Codes or SWIFT-BIC. Moreover, the International Organization for Standardization or ISO  has approved the SWIFT Code system. The code system is sometimes also know as Business Entity Identifier or BEI.

The SWIFT Code consists of 8 to 11 characters and is also called:

  • CHIPS (Clearing House Inter-Bank Payment System) – US and Canada only
  • NCC (National Clearing Code)
  • BSC (Bank Sort Code)
  • IFSC (Indian Financial System Code)

Things To Know About Morgan Stanley

JP Morgan & Co. partners Henry Sturgis Morgan (grandson of JP Morgan), Harold Stanley and others formed Morgan Stanley. It came into existence on September 16, 1935, in response to the Glass-Steagall Act. JPMorgan Chase Bank is the largest bank in the US. However, you need the JPMorgan Chase Bank Routing Number for any monetary transaction. The bank has offices in more than 42 countries and employs over 55,000 people. Its clients include corporations, governments, institutions and individuals. In 2009, Morgan Stanley purchased Smith Barney from Citigroup and the new broker-dealer operates under the name Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, the largest wealth management business in the world. Citigroup owns the Citibank and you also need the Citibank Routing Number for various monetary transactions.

In the first year of its operation, Morgan Stanley operates with a 24% market share (US$1.1 billion) in public offerings and private placements. Today, Morgan Stanley’s main areas of business are Institutional Securities, Wealth Management and Investment Management.

Morgan Stanley ABA Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

Morgan Stanley has split its business proficiency into three areas:

  • Institutional Securities Group
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Management

The bank is headquartered in New York City and its address is:

1585 Broadway, Morgan Stanley Building, New York City, New York