List Of Best Stocks To Buy Under $10 2017

There is a huge demand to buy stocks which can be picked up easily. But many of these companies, with low-priced shares, are unsafe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new and small corporation or rooted business that have slumped, the cheapest stocks on Wall Street give investors a chance to find the riches or lose all of it. Check out the Common Stock vs Preferred Stock to know about various types of stocks. But do you know How To Buy Preferred Stock? Here’s the list of best stocks to buy under $10 2017.

List Of Best Stocks To Buy Under $10 2017

List Of Best Stocks To Buy Under $10 2017

AgroFresh Solutions, AGFS

AgroFresh Inc

It is one of the best cheap stocks to buy now. Since the demand for healthy eating is on the rise, it’s the right to capitalize. AgroFresh Solutions specializes in such technologies which keep ‘produce’ apples and avocados fresh for customers. These shares are a great catch for investors given the lucrative $10 share price and AGFS showing consistent 15% revenue growth.

CPI Card Group, PMTS

CPI Solutions

CPI Card Group is a manufacturer of debit and credit cards and reported a sales growth of 43% in 2015. However, the company posted a net loss of 3 cents per share last year due to non-cash accounting charges related to the repayment of $112.5 million debt.

But the company expects accelerated growth in the coming years since the growing demand for more secure cards.

Global Eagle Entertainment, ENT

Global Eagle Entertainment

The company makes money by selling connectivity equipment to airlines, sharing revenues from the fees paid by the passengers for WiFi and movies, and selling advertising to the passengers. The company foresees a huge growth as the number of customers connecting to the Web is increasing dramatically.

Everi Holdings, EVRI

Everi Holdings

Earlier known as Global Cash Access Holdings, Everi Holdings is a Nevada-based company producing slot machines and services for casinos.

The year 2017 is proving profitable for the company. The share prices continue to rise riding on strong consumer spending numbers pushing the casino business into profits.

Kinross Gold Corporation, KGS


While gold prices are struggling to rise up, U.S. dollar has shown weakness too and the economic policies of the Republicans have been shot down too. If the market shows growth in the last fiscal of the year, gold prices and Kinross Gold Corporation stock prices will rise too.

Harmonic Inc., HLIT


Harmonic Inc. is a video and audio systems company helping digital media companies and established broadcasters produce and process their content. With podcasts and videos streaming becoming standard, HLIT is gaining demand.

There are many ways through which you can invest in stock market. But most of them require broker fee and other charges. However, there is one app that saves you a lot of money. Check out Robinhood Stock Review to know more. If stock market didn’t pan out, you can always invest in other areas. Here are The 7 Best Short-Term Investment Plans For You!

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