Know Your Bank Of America Routing Number

Bank of America Routing Number

For every transaction done from the bank, you need a unique Bank of America Routing Numbers. A routing number is a nine digit number that is used to identify financial institutions behind a transaction. The ABA routing number was designed originally to help the sorting, bundling and shipment of paper check to the check writer’s account. With the arrival of new payment methods like ACH and Wire, the system was extended to incorporate them too.

Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America uses different numbers for different types of transactions:

  1. Paper (ex. Ordering Checks)
  2. Electronic (ex. Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment)
  3. Wire transfer

Find your Bank of America Routing Number from

The table given below contains the list of all Bank of America routing numbers used across the United States

Bank of America ABA Routing Transit Numbers

Here is the state wise list of Bank of America Routing Number for Checking Account and Savings Account.
S No.Region/StatePostal AbbreviationPaper (ex. Ordering ChecksElectronic (ex. Direct Deposit/ Automatic PaymentWire transfer
5California - NorthCA - N121000358121000358026009593
6California - SouthCA - S122000661121000358026009593
10Washington DC054001204054001204026009593
11Florida - EastFL - E063000047063100277026009593
12Florida - WestFL - W063100277063100277026009593
16Illinois - SouthIL - S081904808081904808026009593
17Illinois - NorthIL - N071000505071000505026009593
18Illinois - Chicago MetroIL - CM071103619081904808026009593
19Indiana - Accounts opened online with Bank of America before 8/23/2008IN051000017051000017026009593
20Indiana - Accounts opened online with Bank of America after 8/23/2008IN081904808081904808026009593
21Indiana - All other accountsIN071214579071214579026009593
29Michigan - Accounts opened online with Bank of America before 8/23/2008MI051000017051000017026009593
30Michigan - Accounts opened online with Bank of America after 8/23/2008MI08190480881904808026009593
31Michigan - All other accountsMI072000805072000805026009593
34Missouri East/St. LouisMO081000032081000032026009593
35Missouri West/Kansas CityMO101000035081000032026009593
39New HampshireNH011400495011400495026009593
40New JerseyNJ021200339021200339026009593
41New MexicoNM107000327107000327026009593
42New YorkNY021000322021000322026009593
43North CarolinaNC053000196053000196026009593
44North DakotaND051000017051000017026009593
49Rhode IslandRI011500010011500010026009593
50South CarolinaSC053904483053904483026009593
51South DakotaSD051000017051000017026009593
53Texas - NorthTX - N111000025111000025026009593
54Texas - SouthTX - S113000023111000025026009593
59West VirginiaWV051000017051000017026009593

Swift Code for Bank of America

SWIFT Code for Bank of America is BOFAUS3N. Used for international wires. Banks, investment managers and broker-dealers form the SWIFT members. Although not always required, certain banks may use SWIFT code to complete wire transfers.

Bank of America

A brief Insight

Bank of American Corporations is a multinational banking and financial services corporation, which is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the second-largest bank by assets in the United States after JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank of America was the 26th largest company in the United States by total revenue (as of 2016). Forbes Magazine in 2016 ranked it at 11th place in the Global 2000 list of largest companies in the world.

The year 2008 brought a turning moment for Bank of America when it acquired Merrill Lynch to become the world’s largest wealth management corporation. With this acquisition, it also became a major player in the investment banking market.

Along with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup, BOA forms the Big Four Banks in the United States of America. Bank of America operates all across the country and its retail banking footprint serves nearly 46 million consumers.

Bank of America - Routing Number USA

The Beginning

Bank of America works with a network of 4,600 banking centers and 15,900 automated teller machines. It also offers its services through online and mobile banking platforms. The bank houses a Consumer Real Estate Services segment It offering various real estate products, with fixed and adjustable-rate first-lien mortgage loans for home purchase and refinancing needs. Other products include home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.

The origin story of Bank of America, as we know, starts on October 17, 1904. On that day, Amadeo Pietro Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. At that time, the bank served the needs of several immigrants flooding the United States’ shores. It provided services to them that the existing American banks denied due to the discrimination. In 1906, Giannini managed to save all the deposits from the San Francisco earthquake and fire, which burnt the whole city. The fact that all the other banks in the city were in ruins and couldn’t operate gave Giannini a chance to start lending within a few days of the earthquake.

Giannini establishes Bank of America and Italy

Giannini established Banca d’America e d’Italia (Bank of America and Italy) in 1922. In 1918, A. P. Giannini founded another corporation called Bancitaly Corporation, whose largest stockholder was Stockholders Auxiliary Corporation.

Giannini latter merged his bank with Bank of American, Los Angeles in 1928, then managed by Orra E. Monnette. Bank of Italy was renamed as Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association on November 3, 1930.

The bank has been constantly working towards introducing new and innovative banking products and services that could benefit its customers more than ever before. In October 2016, at the Money 20/20 conference, the retail banking president Thong Nguyen introduced everyone to Erica. A digital assistant, Erica (name derived from Bank’s name) will communicate with customers. From 2017, all customers can interact with Erica on various banking related subjects. The digital assistant unlike other bank employees will be available 24/7.

Bank of America’s field of operations

Consumer Banking

It is the largest division of Bank of America. It offers financial services to consumers and small businesses which include banking and investments. To add to the list, its lending products include business loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

This division represented 38% of the company’s total revenue in 2016.  The bank earns revenues from service of charges, fees and interest income. It also offers online investments through its electronic platform, Merrill Edge.

Bank of America online

Global Banking

This division offers banking services including investment banking and lending products to businesses. This includes Global Commercial Banking, Global Corporate Banking, Business Banking and Global Investment Banking.

The Global Corporate and Investment Banking (GCIB) operated as Bank of America Securities LLC before acquiring Merrill Lynch. Leveraged Finance, Syndicated Loans and mortgage-backed securities form the company’s strongest groups.

Global Wealth and Investment Management

The Global Wealth and Investment Management division is responsible to handle investment assets of institutions and individual. This includes businesses of Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management and U.S. Trust.

GWIM’s main business lines are The Private Bank, Family Wealth Advisors, Premier Banking & Investments (including Bank of America Investment Services, Inc.) and Bank of America Specialist.

Global Markets

Global Markets gives its institutional clients services such as trading in financial securities. It presents research and services including market maker and risk management with the help of derivatives.