How To Throw A Kickass Party On A Budget?

With graduation parties, pool parties, and barbecue evenings, we are not short of reasons to celebrate and throw a party. But even these soirees often come with a budget. Well if you are a millionaire, you can throw a big and lavish event. But if you are not, then “budget party” is what you are looking for. Obviously, you have thrown several parties in the past and been to hundreds. So, you are aware how much of money crunchers they can be, with endless list of things required to be an amazing ‘host’. But worry not, we got you covered! Here are some tips on how to throw a kickass party on a budget.

How to throw a kickass party on a budget?

How to throw a kickass party on a budget

A party is the last place when you want to stop enjoy or play host to your friends and worry what the bill for the whole affair would look like. Hence, make up the list in advance and follow these steps to throw a great party on a budget without comprising the good stuff. If you are a parent and want to instill the importance of money, then you should know How To Start Teaching Kids About Money?

Deciding the budget

It’s important that you fix up a budget at the beginning. Estimate the cost of drinks, decorations and food. If it is going over the budget, remove some items which are ‘not-that-important’. Maybe asking one of your friends to co-host the party would be helpful. Being a student can be tough when you have so many expenses to take care of. You can take a student loan, but you should know the different types of Student Loans first.

Using simple invitations

You do not need paper invitations until and unless it is a wedding party or a formal event. You can send emails invites and there are a number of online tools to do so. These online tools are free to use and give your friends the option to quickly RSVP.

Facebook is another great idea! You can create an event page and share food assignments. You can also ask for playlist requests for the evening. Facebook is the fastest and the easiest way to tally your guests.

Make your party a potluck

A potluck

Turning your party into a potluck assures you that there is always enough to eat. It also takes the burden of buying and cooking the food to feed everyone off of you. But this doesn’t mean that your part is done. You need to decide appetizers or deserts and keeping those drinks flowing. Potluck is specifically a good idea if you are having a themed party where you want to try different dishes. If you like something your friend makes, ask them to bring it.

Booze for the evening

The potluck idea can go for booze too. Instead of having your friends flock your bar (which you have well-stocked already), ask them to contribute to the bar and get their favorite wine, beer, rum or whisky.

Or instead of buying two to three bottles of good whisky and different crates of faithful beer, be smart and pick a signature drink for the evening (like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan or simple gin and tonic). This means you only need to buy a specific alcohol.

Music to set the mood

When you receive the requested playlist on Facebook, make a list of them. Then, either download them or use smartphone apps like Pandora or iHeartRadio. These apps let you make your own “radio stations” according to your mood or similar artists.

From cocktail party to Christmas party to Anti-Valentine’s with your girl-gang- Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Kelly Clarkson and hundreds of other artists are at your service.

The whole idea of a party is to have fun without worrying about anything. And that’s what a good host is supposed to give their guests – a good time! If staying at home feels to be a better option than coming to your party, you might have to put in more effort. You want to your friends to have fun and not work. Saving money is important but not being cheap is the key. You can take up a short-term loan from a payday lender. Know more by checking out the LendUp Reviews.

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