How To Get A Credit Card Limit Increased For Chase Bank?

Getting an increase in credit card limit feels amazing, just like receiving a work bonus. A higher credit limit is a good news and can mean good things for one’s credit score also. But only if you don’t go all out with your new found credit limit. Your level of debt makes up thirty percent of your credit score. And a considerable part of this is how you utilize your card or the amount of available credit being used. An increase in your credit limit can simmer down your credit utilization and result in higher credit score. So, how to get a credit card limit increased for Chase Bank?

How To Get A Credit Card Limit Increased For Chase Bank?

How To Get A Credit Card Limit Increased For Chase Bank?

Here are the steps to follow in order to get an increase in your credit card limit for Chase Bank. You need to know JPMorgan Chase Routing Number for various transactions.

Apply for a New Card with a Higher Credit Limit!

This can be your easiest and simplest option. Look for a Chase card with higher credit limit than your existing one and apply for it. You can then reallocate a part of the new credit line to the card you actually wanted an increase on. Check out Chase Freedom Unlimited Reviews to see the amazing services by the bank.

Plead your case in a “not desperate” fashion!

Instead of calling your credit issuer and crying to increase your credit limit, you can tell them you deserve an increase. Following are some reasons you can give:

  1. Tell them that you have been a loyal customer for a number of years. Moreover, you have never missed a payment. However, don’t say this if it’s been just six months since you started using this card.
  2. Every month you pay the balance in full.
  3. You utilize amount less than the current limit.
  4. You always make the payments on time.
  5. Your employer increased your salary.

Don’t be greedy and ask for an optimum increase!

There is no point in trying to raise the credit limit too high. Instead, ask for a small and undeniable increase. There is no pre-decided percentage of credit limit but you can expect an increase of around 10 to 25 percent. If you have a good credit history, you can receive an even steeper increase. Chase Bank has various offers and programs. If you are confused which one you to choose, then check out Chase Sapphire Preferred vs Reserve Review.

Credit limit increase

Tell the credit issuer about your balance transfer plans!

If the credit issuer buys it, you have a pretty sweet deal in your bag. How? Well, a lot of issuers these days offer a zero percent interest on transfers for up to a year or longer. For you, it means no paying interest for the specified time period to move your balance from Card A to Card B.

Your credit issuer will increase the limit naturally, so wait for it.

All credit issuers review accounts every five to six months and increase the limit for the ones with good performance. Now you can play your part and be a good customer by spending within the limits and paying the bills on time (if possible, in full). Patience can prove to be a huge game-changer. Among various offers in so many fields, the Chase Freedom Rental Car Insurance is definitely one of the best.


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