Learn How To Fill Out A Money Order By Following These Simple Steps!

Are you having trouble filling out money order? Learning to fill out money order is a simple task. Just follow these instructions.

Upon purchase, you must make sure that the amount you paid matches the amount printed on the money order. Given below are five short steps to complete the order and make certain that the money is delivered to the right receiver.

  1. Write the Payee information
  2. Write your information in the “purchaser” section
  3. Provide extra information
  4. Signature
  5. Receipt

money order

  1. Write the Payee information:

Start with writing the details of the person or business you are sending the money order to in the “Pay to the order of” or “Payee”. No changes can be made once the money order is processed.

  1. Write your information in the “purchaser” section:

This is where your information is supposed to be written. The form might say “From”, “Sender”, “Remitter” or “Purchaser”. Giving your mailing address helps the recipient to contact you with any issues or question that comes up with your payment.

  1. Provide extra information

Some money orders may require you to fill additional information on your money order so that the payment is handled correctly. These sections may be “payment for/account number”, or in other cases, they may be specified as “Re” or “Memo”.

Sometimes there is no space for additional information. In this case, you can write it on the front of the document somewhere.

  1. Signature

Your signature is important as it makes the money order official. Check out for the section marked “Signature”, “Purchaser”, or “Drawer” on the front of the document.

Never sign on the back of the document because that section is meant for the recipient to fill.

  1. Receipt

Keep the receipt or carbon copies or any other documents you got after filling your money order. These documents will come in handy if there is any issue with your payment. The receipt has tracking information so that you can keep an eye on your money order and confirm when it has been deposited.

 Customer's Receipt

Why should one use money orders?

As a seller: Money orders tend to be a safer form of payment. In order to let a money order bounce like a personal check, a buyer needs to use a cash equivalent to buying the instrument. It is best to make sure they really clear before spending your money as money orders can be faked and used in common online scams.

As a buyer: Money order forms a safer mode of payment. Sending a document that can be tracked and cashed by the intended recipient is much safer than sending actual cash through the mail. Comparing money order with a check, you can keep much important information private like account numbers, home address, etc.

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