Know Your Fifth Third Bank Routing Number

Fifth Third Bank Routing Number RoutinNumberUSA

What is Fifth Third Bank Routing Number?

If you are a customer of Fifth Third Bank, you need a Fifth Third Bank Routing Number. And why do you need it? So that you can make any transaction (online or offline), you need a routing number. Banks use these routing numbers to identify the financial institution behind a transaction. The routing number’s initial purpose was to help in sorting, bundling and shipping of paper checks. But new transfer methods were incorporated later to widen routing number system’s applications. In this article, you will find answers to the questions like how to find the Fifth Third Bank routing number or what is the routing number for Fifth Third Bank?

Fifth Third Bank Routing Number RoutinNumberUSA

The table given below shows all Fifth Third Bank Routing Numbers.

Fifth Third Bank ABA Routing Transit Numbers (RTN)

Here is the state wise list of Fifth Third Bank Routing Number for Checking Account and Savings Account.
S No.Region/StatePostal AbbreviationRouting Number
1Central FloridaFL063109935
2North FloridaFL063113057
3South FloridaFL067091719
4Tampa, FloridaFL063103915
7Central IndianaIN074908594
8Southern IndianaIN086300041
9Central KentuckyKY042101190
10Northern KentuckyKY042100230
11Southwestern KentuckyKY083002342
12Eastern MichiganMI072405455
13Northern MichiganMI072401404
14Western MichiganMI072400052
16North CarolinaNC053100737
17Cincinnati, OhioOH042000314
18Columbus, OhioOH044002161
19Northeastern OhioOH041002711
20Northwestern OhioOH041200050
21Southern OhioOH042207735
22Western OhioOH042202196
23Western PennsylvaniaPA043018868

What is an ABA Routing Number?

Your ABA Routing Number has nine-digits. It is found at the bottom left corner of your check. As a banker, you can use a routing number to identify the financial institution behind a transaction. All transaction done through ACH and wire use the routing number system. The Federal Reserve Bank depends on ABA routing number system to process Fedwire fund transfers. The Automated Clearing House also uses routing number system to process bill payments, direct deposits and other transfers.

The ABA routing number, as we know, came into being in 1910.  The American Bankers Association was behind its designing and implementation. The Association then tied up with several registrars over the years to manage this system. Currently, Accuity manages the routing number system and assigns them to financial institutions.

ABA Routing Transit Number (RTN) RoutingNumberUSA

There are currently 26,895 active routing numbers in use. According to Routing Number Policy, a financial institution can have only 5 routing numbers. But as there are a number of mergers taking place between different banks, a financial institution can have more than 5 routing numbers. Routing Numbers may differ depending on where you opened your account. It also depends on the type of transaction you make.

What’s the Fifth Third Bank SWIFT Code?

Fifth Third Bank employs SWIFT Code to make all its international transaction. Every bank and financial institution needs SWIFT code to make international transactions.

The SWIFT Code for Fifth Third Bank is: FTBCUS3C

What is a SWIFT Code?

Like Routing Numbers, people use the unique Swift Codes to identify a financial institution. Banks use Swift Codes mainly for international transactions. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) designed the Swift Code system. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) later approved the system. At the beginning, everyone knew the system as Swift Code, but it was standardized as BIC or Business Identifier Codes. Both the terms are used today and they mean exactly the same. Sometimes people refer to the code system as Business Entity Identifier or BEI also.

Usually, web banking applications require swift codes for money transfers between two different banks. These banking apps not only ask people to provide the beneficiary’s bank account number, but to also provide the correct swift code of the beneficiary’s bank branch.

Things To Know About Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank’s corporate history began on June 17, 1858 when Bank of Ohio opened in Cincinnati. The bank got its unusual name after a merger of Third National bank and Fifth National Bank in June 1, 1908. Thus, Fifth-Third national Bank of Cincinnati was born (the hyphen was later dropped). This name underwent a lot of changes over the years until March 24, 1969, when the bank was finally named Fifth Third Bank. Chase Bank is currently the largest bank in the US. However, you need JPMorgan Chase Routing Number for various monetary transactions.

Fifth Third Bank ABA Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

Fifth Third bank acquired Enterprise Federal Bancorp Inc. in 1999. This was one of the biggest thrifts in the Cincinnati area. This acquisition, estimated at $96.4 million, added 11 branches to Fifth Third in greater Cincinnati. Fifth Third announced plans to acquire nine branch locations in Atlanta, GA, from First Horizon National Corporation on September 25, 2007. But First Horizon canceled the sale on February 7, 2008, as the sale price suddenly turned unacceptable for FHN. Then, on March 28, 2008 news reports suggested the reinstatement of the sale.

Fifth Third is among the largest corporate offices working in Cincinnati today. The address of its headquarter is:

Fifth Third Center, 38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45263