[Guide] Know Everything About Chase Freedom Rental Car Insurance

Chase Freedom Rental Car Insurance

The concept of travel cards originated to make your travel a relaxing and pleasurable experience. These cards cover each and every possible area that is related to traveling, including the rental car insurance. Chase Freedom Credit Card is one such card that gives you exceptional benefits to cover your rental car insurance. On a personal level, I have used it myself and it’s truly unbelievable. Chase Freedom gives an ample amount of benefits that take care of matters itself, leaving you to enjoy your trip.

Chase Freedom Rental Car Insurance

What benefits does Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver give?

Under Auto Rental CDW benefits, it provides reimbursement for any damage caused due to the collision or theft reaching the actual value of the rental vehicle. It offers to pay for all the outstanding deductible portion or other charges, which may include administration and loss-of-use charges that are not covered by the general automobile insurance policy. You can receive coverage under Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver without the need to claim payment from any other source even when incident occurred outside US.

The benefit works in the United States and most of the countries. However, it is advised to check for regulations with your auto rental company and Benefits Administrator before traveling abroad.

Auto Rental CDW reimburses a person for the covered losses to the rental vehicle while it is still being used by that person or another authorized person. The benefit covers the vehicle rental period which cannot exceed 31 consecutive days. It may seem less on paper but 31 days of traveling is a long time.

All about the Claim

In case of any damage or theft, you must call the Benefit Administrator and report them. It doesn’t matter if it has been established that you were responsible or not. The Benefits Administrator will answer any questions you or the rental agency may have and will then send you a claim form.

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The incident must be reported within 60 days. The sooner you report the incident, the better position you provide to the Benefits Administrator to take the appropriate actions. Your claim will be denied if reported after 60 days period.

Filing The Claim

The benefits given by the company are great but a person must try their best to keep the rental vehicle safe from any damage or theft. In case the Benefits Administrator feels the claim made by you is fraudulent or false in any respect, your claim will be denied and other benefits would be cancelled. A person agrees to provide true and accurate documents related to the claim while signing the rental agreement. If a fraud is discovered, the claim related provisions shall be deemed void.

You should keep in mind that your claim file will remain open for six months from the date of the incident. The Benefits Administrator can deny payment if the claim file is incomplete within 12 months of the date of incident.

Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance

Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance

Chase Sapphire is another card which provides excellent rental car insurance. The primary insurance covers the immediate cost in an accident. Your Chase Sapphire covers the rest of the cost. And in case you don’t have a primary insurance, the coverage by Chase Sapphire becomes your primary.

Whether you choose Chase Freedom or Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance, they both offer great cost and claim coverage. So pack your bags and rent a car for the solo road trip! If you have an account in Chase Bank, then you need JPMorgan Chase Routing Number to make various kinds of transactions.

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