Cashback Research Reviews And Everything You Should Know!

These days paid survey sites are gaining business faster. A lot of people are turning to these paid survey sites to earn some extra money. Cashback Research is one such company which pays people for taking surveys. But how does it fare in real life? Let’s find out in through Cashback Research reviews. You can always take up a short-term loan in case you are short of money. Check out the LendUp Reviews to know more.

Cashback Research Reviews

Cashback Research Reviews

What is Cashback Research? is an online survey website for people to sign up and take online surveys to earn money. Each complete survey pays you in cash or points.

As soon as you sign up, you are asked to enter your profile information. You can now access a variety of surveys available at that moment on the website along with the daily surveys.

What does Cashback Research claim?

“Take Paid Surveys Online for Cash. You won’t get rich, but you will get paid! Welcome To Cashback Research, a 100% free service that provides people like you with a means to be rewarded for giving opinions in online surveys. We are not a get-rich-quick scheme or even a realistic part-time job, but we are a GREAT way to earn a little cash and have some fun to boot!”

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How do I earn money with Cashback Research?

Once you log in, there will be a list of survey panel you can take, they are open for everyone.  There are daily surveys on your dashboard too: You are pre-qualified for one red survey and may or may not qualify for 5 black surveys.

Each survey will pay you nearly 0.15$ upon completion and require not more than ten to fifteen minutes. A person can withdraw their money once it reaches USD$30 or CAN$20. You can also redeem your money through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Other than surveys, there are pay-to-click schemes and online offers also. You can take these and get small paybacks.


How is it in reality?

In reality, it is very difficult to qualify for surveys.  It may happen that you qualify for only six surveys in two months. What’s even worse is that you cannot know if you would qualify or not until you have answered half of the survey. Most of the surveys will declare “unfortunately, you do not qualify for this survey” after asking everything about you from age and sex to your buying habits.

Secondly, payment is meager. If you stumble upon a long survey taking you 20 minutes to complete, it will pay you only $0.15. The minimum amount to withdraw your money is USD$30, which is comparatively high.

And lastly, the website lacks user-friendliness. Users often encounter 404 errors while taking surveys. There are too many spelling and grammatical errors giving an unprofessional feeling.

There are issues with login page too. The website doesn’t work well with Chrome, Firefox or Apple’s Safari. You have to use Explorer to navigate and using a Smartphone to navigate is a freaking nightmare.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Cashback research and the whole idea behind it to earn an extra income is no doubt amazing. Though registration is easy and you can start off as soon as you log in, the rest of the process is back-breaking and reaps no harvests. You can try it yourself but it would seem wiser to look for other options before registering here. You can invest your money too. Here are The 7 Best Short-Term Investment Plans For You!

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