Know Your Associated Bank Routing Number

Associated Bank Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

What’s The Associated Bank Routing Number?

Each customer of Associated Bank needs Associated Bank Routing Number to make any monetary transaction. Banks use routing numbers to recognize the financial institution behind a transaction. The routing number system’s main purpose was to help in sorting, bundling and shipping paper checks. But its application areas are now wider to incorporate new transaction methods. Here, in this article, we will also discuss how to find the Associated Bank Routing Number or what is the routing number for Associated Bank?

Associated Bank Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

The table given below shows all the Associated Bank Routing Numbers.

Associated Bank ABA Routing Transit Numbers (RTN)

Here is the state wise list of Associated Bank Routing Number for Checking Account and Savings Account.
S No.Region/StatePostal AbbreviationRouting Number

What is an ABA Routing Number?

Financial Institutions need ABA Routing Number system to make monetary transactions. These routing numbers help people to identify the financial institution behind a transaction. A single registrar assigns routing numbers to every financial institution in the United States. Currently, this registrar is Accuity, which takes care of complete routing number system. The American Bankers Association designed the routing number system in 1910.

ABA Routing Transit Number (RTN) RoutingNumberUSA

The current registrar, Accuity, assigns each bank a maximum of 5 routing numbers. But as banks keep on merging with each other, they can have more than 5 routing numbers. There are 26,895 active routing numbers in use. All bank customers need to fill the correct routing number to make a transaction. They can also find their routing number at the bottom left corner of their check. When you look closely, ABA routing number is the one with 9-digits.

What’s The Associated Bank SWIFT Code?

Bank Of Oklahoma, like other banks, uses SWIFT Code to make all the international transactions for itself and its customers.

The SWIFT Code for Associated Bank is- ABGBUS44

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT Code functions in the same way as a Routing Number. It helps to identify the financial institution behind a transaction globally. Banks use the swift codes to transfer money between them for international wire transfers or SEPA payments. They also use swift codes to exchange messages.

A SWIFT Code has 8 to 11 characters and they are explained as follows:


  • Bank Code- First four letters (alphabets) (Usually a shortened version of a bank’s name)
  • Country Code- Next two letters (alphabets) (The country bank is located in)
  • Location Code- 2 digit location code (alphabets or digits) (Location of bank’s head office)
  • Branch Code- optional three digits (alphabets or digits) (It specifies banks branch instead of head office)

Things To Know About Associated Bank

Associated Bank is a nationally chartered bank. On May 1,1970, three community banks, who had formed an alliance, consolidated into Associated Bank. These banks were:

  • First National Bank of Neenah
  • Kellogg Citizens National Bank, Green Bay
  • Manitowoc Savings Bank.

It is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, making it the largest bank (by asset size) based in Wisconsin. Its total assets places it in the leagues of Ally Bank, Bank Of The West, etc. You also need Ally Bank Routing Number and Bank Of The West Routing Number respectively if you have an account in these banks. Associated Banks has more than 220 banking locations and commercial financial services in 8 states, with approximately 4,350 employees.

Associated Bank ABA Routing Number RoutingNumberUSA

Associated Bank’s parent company, Associated Banc-Corp, is a US regional bank holding company. It provides retail banking, commercial banking and commercial real estate lending, private banking, specialized financial services, and insurance services.

Associated Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is also a part of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Associated Bank is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and its address is:

200 North Adams Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301-5174